1 million steps in 100 days

Tomorrow, the University of Notre Dame’s Official Walking Club will start a challenge for its members which sounds like this: 1 MILLION STEPS IN 100 DAYS! This mean a goal of 10,000 steps per day between September 1st – December 9th.

But maybe you’re asking why I’m telling you this. Well, you may take it as a healthy tip, which sounds like this: “WHY DON’T YOU TRY THIS AT HOME, ON YOUR OWN?”.

If you’ll decide to follow my tip, then you should know that you have 2 options to track your steps:

  1. a pedometer – I know you might say that pedometers are very expensive, but the cheapest one can do a great job, because you need just something to count your steps, not distance, calories, speed or… other things like those.
  2. an app on your smart-phone – if you own a smart-phone running Android, iOS, BlackBerry or Windows you’ll find for sure in its app-market an app which can track your steps due to the accelerometer built-in you phone, so you just need to keep in your pants’ pocket.

Starting tomorrow and untill December 9th we’re in an un-official challenge. Meanwhile, post in comments stats of your work!

Do you think you can reach this goal?


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