Map printed nails


I recently found a new genius print for nails, using a newspaper or a map! I know, it may sound weird, but if you want them too, read the steps below:

  1. Polish your nails in a lightly color (white, light pink, pastel colors etc.) and let them dry completely!
  2. Insert a finger in alcohol or vodka, get a newspaper piece and press it firmly on the nail for about 30 seconds (DON’T move it!).
  3. Repeat the step no. 2 for as many nails as you want and that’s all!

The Bow Bun


The bow bun is my favorite hairstyle and if you like it too, just follow my blog, because soon I’m gonna post the instructions for it.

Piano Sheet: “Fireflies”, by Owl City

“Fireflies” is one of my favorite songs and I’m sure that you know it too. Recently I searched for a piano sheet of it (at a medium level) and I learned it in a few days. Believe me that it sounds gorgeous, so if you know to play the piano you should try it too: Piano Sheet: Fireflies.


Don’t get desperate!

Some people see only “One Direction” wherever in the world, but my advice: DON’T GET DESPERATE!!



e-Tip #15

Yes, it’s hard to find people who tell what they think. But just because they’re not part of the community.


e-Tip #14

When nothing goes right…                                                                  .

                               …GO LEFT!


e-Tip #13


Don’t let past destroy you future…